Some Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia? Is that even a thing? Indeed, it is! I know that when you consider Christmas, the odds are pictures of chilly climate, snow, and evergreen trees ring a bell. In any case, in Malaysia, Christmas is praised in the sweltering climate! Furthermore, it’s finished with a fantastic scope. Something I love about Malaysia is that its kin are equivalent to open-door celebrators of all occasions imaginable. Christmas in Malaysia is perhaps the biggest celebration near me in the country.

Christmas Day (25th) is a public occasion. Each of the government-funded schools has an occasional break that week, and also celebrates Merry Christmas in Malaysia so the entire nation has a potential chance to get into the occasion soul! Malaysia is going hard and fast concerning celebrating Christmas event 2022.

Some Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Malaysia:

1. Outrageous Christmas Décor

Shopping centers wherever endeavor to one-up one another during Christmas in Malaysia by setting up the greatest embellishments and huge showcases. There are loads of lights, Santas, reindeer, counterfeit snow (since it’s exceptionally hot in Malaysia so there won’t be any genuine snow!), and colossal Christmas trees. At times the trees can arrive at numerous accounts high! A few shopping centers will likewise set up attractions like indoor ice arenas and hymn vocalists for additional occasion fun. It’s difficult to stroll into a shopping center without being barraged with holiday songs playing.

2. Special Restaurant Menus

Numerous restaurants have occasional menus consistently. What’s more, they make unique Christmas menus only for the long stretch of December. Christmas Eve places to go is an important day for going to restaurants, having Christmas celebrations, and observing Christmas in gatherings. Malaysia Christmas food restaurants that take care of ex-pats and outsiders frequently have extraordinary meals on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

They aren’t for the most part pricey either because they are contending with one another to draw in something very similar, a little gathering. So you can have fun and joy in an extravagant restaurant at a sensible cost on Christmas in Malaysia. Or on the other hand, drop by a restaurant and get a Christmas-themed refreshment! That is one of my no1 activities during Christmas in Malaysia.

3. Christmas Parties

Our most memorable Christmas in Malaysia was before the pandemic. We were welcomed to three Christmas celebrations, which were all coordinated by Malaysians (not ex-pats). These common parties comprised most of eating, drinking, and mingling. Furthermore, since the weather conditions were (obviously) truly sweltering, there was additionally in every case some swimming time for the youngsters. I could never have imagined swimming on Christmas, yet that is exactly the very thing one does in the jungles during Christmas in Malaysia I presume.

The Christmas celebrations and decorations were all on various days yet they were all before Christmas Day. We had a fabulous time at each party and cherished getting to find out about how Malaysians’ Christmas commended the holiday.

4. Christmas Fireworks

Around 12 PM on Christmas Eve, terrific light shows light up the sky in many towns and urban communities. After partaking in their conventional Christmas feast, many individuals like to stay awake and go outside to watch the show. Even though we understand that Malaysians use fireworks to celebrate Christmas, it’s as yet an otherworldly method for finishing the evening and starting Christmas Day!

5. Ang Pau

Because of our experience working for a Chinese ESL organization for a considerable length of time before becoming computerized wanderers, I had some awareness of the Chinese New Year custom of giving gifts for the Lunar New Year. Perhaps this is because there are serious areas of strength for a social impact in Malaysia, yet assignment help Malaysia likewise frequently gives Ang Pau rather than presents at Christmas time too.

6. I City Winter Wonderland

The i-City theme park south of Kuala Lumpur is open lasting through the year. It’s situated in the town of Shah Alam. Notwithstanding, it’s additionally exceptional during the Christmas season. The whole park is decked out in bubbly lights and designs, and there are a lot of tomfoolery rides and attractions to appreciate. It truly feels bubbly for Christmas in Malaysia and is loads of tomfoolery. They even have a colder time of year segment in the recreation area, where you are given parkas and gloves so you can enter the cool region easily and do winter exercises. They even make fake snow for guests to appreciate.


There are countless Malaysian ways of getting a charge out of Christmas in Malaysia. What’s more, you don’t need to restrict yourself to only one. We’ve done nearly everything on the list above and if you want other information about fun ways to celebrate Christmas so contact Assignment Helper Malaysia. It feels pretty otherworldly to go all-out in an unforeseen spot like Malaysia.

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