A good MBA essay is essential to applying to business school. The MBA admissions essay is the most dreaded application for many business school applicants. If you need to learn how to start your MBA admissions essay, don’t worry. It is your chance to reveal something deeper about yourself to the admissions committee beyond your GMAT test score, GPA, or resume. Your essay should be compelling enough for management to “better understand you, your self-assessment, and your aspirations.”

MBA candidates should start with a wealth of work and daily life experience that can be used to write impactful essays. Once you have a few stories, you can begin your introspection to gain relevant expertise in answering specific questions in your paper.

An impactful essay is always based on your unique experience and shows your true self before the MBA admissions committee.

Main types of MBA essays

There are several MBA essay questions to answer for your MBA application. The type of essay can be determined by the keywords used in the essay questions. Each type of essay has unique length requirements depending on the business school. When Malaysian students need to learn about writing an MBA essay, they must hire an MBA assignment helper Malaysia to finish it in time.

Your Ambition Or Goal

This type of essay asks you to describe your personal and professional goals and how attending business school will help you achieve them. Essay questions about your ambitions or what you want to achieve from your MBA program are categorized as goal essays.


An introspection essay is an opportunity to demonstrate the values ​​and qualities that make up a person’s identity. It would be best to discuss how you have dealt with failure at some point in your life or how you deal with ethical dilemmas.


This essay will show the admissions committee how you can add value and contribute to the MBA program. Boots School of Business asks questions like:

Booth wants to clarify who you are, what you value, and how you live those values ​​daily.


Some business schools want to know your impact on their program and will ask questions asking you to describe when you demonstrated leadership abilities. It’s a question of why you took on a leadership role in your chosen situation and what kind of leadership effect you have.


Some business schools ask you to submit a video essay instead of writing a traditional essay. The types of questions in video essays range from short introductions to extended questions with multiple components.

Practical Tips For Writing An MBA Essay

Knowing about different types of essays, you can write them more easily.

1. Show that you are a positive and competent person.

Business schools are looking for leaders, not applicants who are content to follow the herd.

2. Sit on your ego alarm.

Emphasize what makes you unique, not what makes you number one.

3. Give specific reasons why you would be a good fit for each school.

Simply saying, “I am an ideal candidate for your program,” will not convince the admissions committee to push you into the pile of applicants.

4. Bring passion to your writing.

Admissions officers want to know what excites you. And if you bring that same enthusiasm into your classroom.

5. Break the mold.

Challenge your perceptions with the unexpected essay “There’s more to me than you think.”

6. If you took the unconventional route to business school, play it.

Every successful business is all about taking a risk at the right time. Licensing officers appreciate those who take risks.

7. You can discuss your ethnicity, minority status, gender, or foreign background. But only if it influences your views and experiences.

8. Include plenty of examples in your essay.

Concrete anecdotes and vivid details are far more potent than general claims and broad summaries.

9. Show a sense of humor or vulnerability.

You are a natural person, and it’s okay to show it.

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