The Pros and Cons of Technology in Education

The future is Technology! We all know that right? Everything is going to be digital. From delivering food to driving cars everything is going to grasp the tech in its industry. So, why not prepare the students for the future? AI and VR are becoming a reality. And we are seeing a lot of tools and gadgets that are predicting the future.

The development of the activities and how the students grow all depend on the learning environments they get. Using technology students have a whole ocean of resources. And they can learn things easily and quickly. But technology has not only advantages. It comes with many effects that are not good for the students and their education.

The Pros & Cons of Technology


Better Experience

Technology has made learning and teaching easy as well as the experience more convenient. Because a lot of options like the mobile application or the website are here to help students learn in different ways. These websites and mobile applications have all the resources and everything that a student could require for better learning. And that is why technology has changed the whole culture and the methods of learning for students.

Firstly, the students have access to social media where they can join similar groups and learn. And share the documents, videos, or any other resource that is helpful for them. Secondly, technology gives them the freedom to explore study plans that are effective for them. And the teachers to share their knowledge. And help the students for a better experience.

A lot of Resources and Information:

Technology has been giving students the leverage to do research and gather authentic and up-to-date information. Books, research papers, a Thesis, and everything are available on the internet just some clicks away. And that is why the students can access information on every subject. Or on every kind of complex topic. It also helps the teachers in managing or creating the documents that are already available for the students. Also, the teachers can take help from technology to teach the students the most modern concepts in a more interactive way.

Students and Future

Our daily lives are becoming more dependent on technology even more. And with modern devices, the lifestyle has become more convenient. So, that is why it is important to be aware the students about the future of the tech industry. And the importance of adapting the tech in preparing for the future.

Universities and colleges have to play a crucial role in making the students prepared according to the upcoming advancements.

Learning Opportunities

As I discussed above there are a lot of resources available for the students and for the teachers. And that makes it more convenient for both of them to learn in their way. Because there are students that do not understand the concepts the way their school or college teacher is explaining. And because of the technology and many other interactive options, the students can find the way that suits their learning. From brief explanations to animated explainer videos.

Technology has everything for the students and the teachers. Because sometimes the teacher has to learn new concepts or something new that is not in their knowledge. So, with the help of different ways, the teachers can explore the modern or improvisation in the previous concept.


We have discussed the benefits of the technology so now let’s take a lot on the cons of it.

Major Cause of Distraction

While technology helps students to learn about anything in any way. But it is the biggest distraction for students nowadays. The bell of notification is enough for the students to get out from the focus they are in.

With learning opportunities and a lot of resources, tech devices have a lot to waste their time on. More interactive games, Social media platforms, or other addicting activities like watching fun videos can damage the career of the student. And because of that, most students cannot study. Or waste their important time with it. Students usually forget to complete their assignments. And that is why they take Assignment Help Malaysia to complete their assignments on time.

Children and Socializing

When technology has not gained that much popularity the children use to play outside and make friends. And they do more physical activities which also impacts their studies. Because doing physical activities like playing games can boost their mental health and improve their thinking or other abilities. But with the new gadgets, the children prefer using these devices and being at home than going outside. That affects the mental health of the children. It also plays an important role in learning and growth.

Reduces problem-solving and Creativity

Because of the availability of tons of resources and solutions to the problems available on the internet. The students don’t have to do any kind of hard work. And that is why it reduces creativity and also reduces the critical thinking abilities of the students. Because whenever the students face any difficulty they use the internet to gather information instead of using their brains. And now some tools reduce also the hard work of doing in-depth. And you just have to write the prompt and the answer will be in front of your eyes in just a few seconds.


Technology has tons of benefits for both students and the teacher. The students can access the information very easily. And learn easily. And the teachers can prepare the students according to the future of technology. Technology enhances the experience of learning. And there are many new opportunities to learn anything more interactively. The cons are that it distracts the students and also the children prefer more being at home than going outside. Another disadvantage of the technology is that it reduces the critical thinking and creativity of the students.

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