How do I Make my First Page an Assignment?

In universities, your teachers give you many assignments. You are going to receive many assignments throughout the time you are in university. Assignments are one of the most important parts of university studies. Performing well in them is essential as if you score well in these assignments then your overall grade is also going to get better. Your academic reputation depends upon what you have been scoring in the assignments. You are going to be appreciated more if you score well in assignments because the teacher is also going to consider your efforts.

To make the reader attracted to your assignment and let the reader know that your work is up to the mark you have to make a proper first page. Now the question arises how do you make the first page of an assignment. We are going to help you and guide you.

The first page of your assignment is going to be the first thing the reader sees it has to grab the attention of the reader and the reader should be interested in reading the assignment furthermore. The layout of the first page should be presentable. It should look neat, clean, and organized. However, some students fail to create a first page that is neat and clean and that grabs the attention of the reader.

Importance of a presentable first page:

First, we are going to tell you the importance of why it is necessary to create a presentable first page.

The first page is the identity of the student who has submitted the assignment. If the student has not put in necessary information like the name of the student then it may result in a negative marking. It is one of the most important parts of the assignment.

Points on the first page of an assignment:

Name of the university/ college/ school:

The first thing that should be there on the first page should be the name of the institute you go into.  For making it extra presentable, you can also add the logo of your institute. This shows the reader how much you have put in.

Title of the assignment:


Once you have written the name of your institute the second thing you are going to mention is the title or topic of the assignment that the teacher has given. Make sure to write the title as this title is going to be the identity of all of the pages of our whole assignment. Write the title so that the reader is going to know just by seeing the first page what the whole assignment is about.

Name of student:

After that, write your name. This is obviously going to be your identity and the teacher is going to know that this assignment belongs to you.

Roll number:

After you have written your name, make sure to write your roll number. Again, this is going to be your identity and the teacher can easily enroll your marks on the computer by looking for your roll number.

Course name:

Write the name of the course whose assignment this is. Mentioning this is important because if the assignment mistakenly mixes with other course’s assignments then the title page is going to have information that which course is assignment it was actually.

Also, write the time of the class. For example Monday (8:30 AM – 10:30 AM)

Degree Name:

The economy needs diploma holders with hands-on skills

Mention the degree that you are doing.

Name of the instructor:

It is very important to mention the name of the instructor. Make sure to write the full name of the instructor and give them respect.

Submission date:

Lastly, write the date of submission of the assignment. This is going to help the reader to know when you submitted the assignment.


Make sure that all of the fonts are the same. Also, make sure that the font sizes are the same too.


Align all of the points properly. The first page should not look messy everything should be aligned

Do not overdo:

Make sure to not overdo anything. Do not write too much. Do not use too many colors. Just use one font color and keep it simple.

All of the tips given above are important because they are going to leave a good impression that you are a responsible student and you have created an organized first page. The reader is going to get impressed and is going to expect that the assignment is also going to be up to the mark.

If you still have, any problems or confusion you can always use online Malaysian assignment help services. You can use that assignment as a guide for future assignments. A little assistance is only going to help you to know how to perform better and deliver better results.

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